The UK Swiss Luxury Replica Cartier Santos-Dumont Watches For Sale

Cartier replica uk has a keen sense for elegant, original and effortless watch designs. Among the many shapes and designs, one of the most emblematic watches is the Santos, generally acknowledged as the oldest men’s wristwatch. Over the years, the collection has evolved along sportier and bolder lines, well-represented by these recent models. However, in 2020, the Parisian brand reintroduced the original design of the iconic Cartier Santos-Dumont replica model with its typical dandy flair in an XL size with a hand-wound movement. Along with the permanent collection, Swiss made fake Cartier also launched limited edition watches inspired by Alberto Santos-Dumont’s flying machines, which were pretty well received. For 2021, there’s a new pair of luxury fake Cartier Santos-Dumont XL Limited Edition watches, including this handsome two-tone watch that we’ll be looking at today.

The Cartier Santos replica watch uk is one of Cartier’s oldest collections and one entirely dedicated to men. The collection is named after Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont who commissioned a watch from his friend Louis Cartier in 1904 to be worn while piloting his flying machines without having to lift his hand from the controls. According to the legend, this how the first men’s wristwatch was born – and by that, it means a watch designed from scratch to be worn on the wrist and not a converted pocket watch. The Santos is thus a significant watch, not only for Cartier but also for watchmaking in general. And, in addition, this makes the Santos the first pilot’s wristwatch in history.
The original watch was characterised by its squared bezel with visible screws, in radical opposition to the round faces found on pocket watches of the era. What started as a bespoke commission for the Brazilian aviator went into serial production in 1911 with LeCoultre movements. The Santos took off again in the 1970s when it was revisited in a bracelet piece with screws on the bezel and bracelet. Taken out of production in 2016, the Swiss movement copy Santos de Cartier reappeared in 2018 with a refreshed, sportier and more curvaceous presence.
But until 2019, we were only talking about a modern, larger and sportier watch inspired by the original Santos, not a watch with historical accuracy. This would be the mission of another model, the Santos-Dumont, a name that refers to the more elegant, more historically accurate models in Cartier’s books.

This Cartier fake watch with silver dial was revived in 2019, first with quartz movements and a design that paid tribute to the 1904 model, including a beaded winding crown and the prominent blue cabochon along with a flatter, less voluminous case than the grade one replica Santos de Cartier. The following year, Cartier launched the model that most were waiting for, the XL (for Extra-Large… but still not that large) with a mechanical movement, which we reviewed here.

There was a teaser just ahead of Watches & Wonders 2020, with four limited versions of the high quality copy Cartier Santos-Dumont with engravings of the aviator’s legendary flying machines on the caseback. These luxurious and slightly punchier models well not only well received but also sold well. But there are more coming for 2021.